Lifestyle Diseases - A Life Threatening Cause

The advancements in medicines had favorably affected the life expectancy by making disorders like malaria, cholera and polio manageable than previous times. But in current era a new breed of diseases has rampantly developed affecting the nations worldwide which are called as “Lifestyle Diseases”. People across the nation and globally are dying prematurely becauses of these diseases every year making them bigger killers than infectious or hereditary ones.

Today we are going to discuss what are these diseases that gets affected by our routine, their main causes and how can we avoid them. The most common lifestyle diseases which are life threatening are basically Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart problems. These are the problems majorly influenced by our daily routine & dietary habits which could be avoided to a great extent if we take conscious steps in-time. Let’s discuss one by one what are the factors affecting our society at large :

Smoking and Alcohol

There are many misconceptions present in our society that believes alcohol and smoking doesn’t affect our bodies directly. But the maximum people we see in our OPD who are diabetic or heart patients, are all directly linked to either alcohol or smoking. If we talk about alcohol, there is a commonly held notion that to some extent its consumption does not affect our body which is not true. There are no doubts about the fact that the body of a person who doesn’t consume alcohol would be better than the body of a person who consumes alcohol in any proportion. Hence if you consume alcohol then the gradual efforts should be made to save yourself from its consumption.

Dietary Habits

Our constantly changing food habits has posed a major reason for our lifestyle diseases. Westernization of our food habits by gradually shifting towards fast food and not taking the routine meals are the main reasons for Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart problems. In routine we should stick to our regional diet and should prefer fresh home cooked meals to the extend.

Stress Levels & Physical Inactivity

Lastly I would like to discuss about the least talked about reason that is actually shaping a bigger health challenge for our society. The mental stress levels plays pivotal role in diabetic, hypertensive and heart patients. We should not suppress our emotions or feelings as they causes stress. Moreover our physical inactivity too contributes to our mental stress levels. These factors should be seriously taken into consideration to save ourselves and the society.

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Dr. Netarpal Rawal

Dr Netarpal Rawal working as a Senior Consultant in Medicine Department since January 2014 at Virk Hospital Private Limited. He is a Cardiologist, Diabetologist and Critical Care Specialist with a vast years of experience.

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