First Aid For Heart Attack

A sudden pain in your chest could be the first symptom of a heart attack. Today we will talk about the first aid that could be given or taken in case of a sudden heart attack. Whenever a patient experiences severe pain in chest or the likely heart attack and if there is no doctor or paramedical staff available nearby then these tips could possibly help you to save a life :

  1. Firstly make the patient sit comfortably on their back with support.
  2. Secondly maintain the proper ventilation by avoiding crowd as the patient gets sufficient oxygen for inhalation.
  3. Lastly and most importantly give the patient a “Disprin tablet” to chew which could be easily available at the nearest pharmacy. Remember the patient chews the tablet as it dissolves into the blood faster causing the blood flow towards heart. This will buy the patient some precious time to reach a doctor which could save his/her life.

So this simple management or first aid could go a long way in saving your life or of your loved ones. Please share this information with the people you love and care about. Thank you for Reading !

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Dr. Netarpal Rawal

Dr Netarpal Rawal working as a Senior Consultant in Medicine Department since January 2014 at Virk Hospital Private Limited. He is a Cardiologist, Diabetologist and Critical Care Specialist with a vast years of experience.

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