Painless Normal Delivery

Motherhood is one of the best stage a female experiences in her life. Pregnant mother and the father develops a sincere love and concern about health of the baby in womb. Giving birth via normal vaginal delivery increases immunity of the child and reduces the risk of various disorders like asthma and allergies etc. As baby enters into the world through normal delivery gets exposed to several beneficial bacteria which recent studies has also shown.

But whenever we talk about normal delivery the first thing that comes into the mind is “PAIN”. The kind of pain which mother has to tolerate during labour or childbirth is the most painful event for the human experience. But still, every parent wants to go for normal vaginal delivery. A lot of options are available worldwide to relieve pain during childbirth such as pregnant woman can go for massage therapy, heat therapy, walking during labour or they may listen to music while in labour. There a number of medical therapies also available to relieve patient from pain during labour. One of such procedure for painless normal delivery which we practices at Virk Hospital Private Limited is Epidural Anesthesia or Epidural Analgesia.

Epidural Anesthesia or Epidural Analgesia

It is a kind of procedure which is done with the help of an anesthetist. Epidural Anesthesia or Epidural Analgesia is done by giving local anesthesia in the lower back area of the patient and then a small catheter is introduced into the epidural space. Through that catheter some drug is injected which paralises the nerve that causes pain during childbirth. During the complete procedure, the patient is monitored regularly for her vitals and the baby heart rate is also monitored regularly.

There are a lot of myths & fears regarding epidural anesthesia. The most concerning risk factor the female fears is about the safety of the baby. As a consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, I make you sure that regular monitoring of baby heart rate is done during the procedure and thus the baby is completely safe. Sometimes the patient may feel numbness sensation around the limbs or decreased BP which could also be well managed medically. So overall the procedure is made comfortable by doctor and anesthetists for the patient willing to go for normal delivery but painless.

Therefore there is no fear for the normal labour with epidural anesthesia making painless delivery absolutely safe and healthy for the mother & the baby. The only requisites is the patient should be in active labour while having an epidural anesthesia.

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Dr. Harpreet Kaur Sabharwal

Dr Harpreet Kaur Sabharwal is a consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Virk Hospital Private Limited. She did her graduation from MDU, Rohtak and post graduation (DNB) under NBE, New Delhi. She has done her Senior Residency from PGIMS, Rohtak and has dealt with every kind of obstetrics emer

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