Belly Fat ! 6 Proven Ways You Can Burn It

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With age, especially during late twenties or early thirties and beyond it is almost on accepted fact that you will grow fat in midale. So as the belly fat increases the chances of heart diseases, diabetes and other serious ailments too increases. Six simple and proven ways to reduce belly fat are …

  1. Reducing carbohydrates in your diet : Carbs are the source of energy for your body, as they are usually transformed into glucose by the body, which can then be absorbed by the cells. If your diet includes too many carbs it may cause you to gain belly fat.
  2. Avoid CRAP food : Avoiding CRAP wherein, C means “Carbonated beverages & Caffeine”, R means “Refined sugars”, A means “Alcohol & Artificial Sweeteners: P means “Processed foods” from diet is of great help in burning belly fat.
  3. Unprocessed & lean meat : Unprocessed & lean meats are a good source of protein & have fewer calories than non-lean meats.
  4. Avoid processed sugar & sweetened beverages : Fructose found in most products within the market, such as cookies, sweets, sodas and other similar beverages cannot be absorbed by the liver and thus converted into fats.
  5. Increase fibre in your diet : Fiber, especially viscous fiber is known to improve bowel movements and improve the health of gut bacteria and reduces the belly fat.
  6. Increase protein intake : Reducing carbs & increasing protein in diet will help you lose belly fat as well as overall fat quickly.
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